[CDK 030] Tugboat – Man Of The Year

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New York-based drummer ‘n’ chiptuner Tugboat has sadly decided to move away from a chiptune sound, but has kindly offered an album of his works as his final chiptune swansong, and CDKr is very grateful to be releasing it! 15 tracks full of chiptune win, it’s a fitting farewell to a talented artist! Here’s wishing the best of luck in his other musical adventures!

  1. MP3s? Pffft… I have that CD with his handwriting on it.

    /me walks out smoking pipe, fixing collar

  2. CD? What’s that? Is that those shiny discs my grandpa used to put music on??

    • @SOLO
    • July 12th, 2011

    yeah, bitch, cd’s are where its at. I hate only having the MP3 of a song, it’s only acceptable if I buy the entire album off itunes. tho if I lose a cd, I usually just torrent the tracks instead of buying it again

    • Nippalicious
    • March 7th, 2014


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