CalmDownKidder Records is a Liverpool, UK-based netlabel for the hosting and promoting of chipmusic. It was originally founded in 2007 to host releases from artists who have played ChipFest Gigs, such as Falco Lombardi, Combat Dave and Big Chip. However, CalmDownKidder Records has evolved from that into a netlabel for all sorts of different artists from around the world, from the local heroes (SoundMatrix and The Tin Foil Hat Brigade) to literally the opposite side of the world (little-scale from Australia!)

  1. Hello! I write album and I would like to know, whether it will be possible to
    produce him on your label?

    some demos here: http://d-donskoi.pdj.ru/groups/161766.html

  2. hi there,

    here comes a little liveset with 16bit samples from an old atari handheld called lynx, e-bass (sometimes slapping, sometimes distortetd, sometimes like a monosynth), robotic vocoder vocals, new beats, synths and some efx.
    every track creates a new musical style:


    i hope you enjoy this sound, feedback would be great,

    best regards, matt

  3. Hello. I am a musician from Karelia (Russia), my name is Nikolai Bogdanov. My stage name of China Toy. Offered for your consideration a few tracks that I would like to publish on your lable. At the moment working on new songs and generally do not stop to collect. I hope you pay attention to my suggestion.Just a few I hope you enjoy my work.Bye!

  4. Hi there,

    My music is in the vein of old 8bit video games and electronic dance music. I am looking for labels of the chiptune/8 bit community to help connect my music to the public. I go by the alias “Plasma Face” and would love to be apart of the roster. I have released an album on Insides Music called Bluevatar. I am looking for a new label to release my more video game type stuff and help with booking and promotion of shows. Here are some youtube links of my music.



    -Steve Brickman (current city – nyc)

    Steve Brickman

    (978) 886-0384

    • Michael Ward
    • November 30th, 2011

    I am a chipmusician in San Angelo, Texas (United States)
    I have recently finished all the song i plan to put on an EP. Well, this EP got accepted as a kickstarter.com project and i plan on releasing it on Vinyl/CD/Digital/Tape (Yes All Four).
    Now im not asking to be signed to a label (Unless thats what you feel is nescessary), BUT i am asking that you take a look at my music and give it a chance. I would also need said label to make my music public and advertise it on FB, various other mediums like youtube ect… and 8bc.
    The kickstarter project will more than likely fund the CD/Vinyl/Tape part of my release, so what im looking for is a label to handel the Digital aspect of it! I mean id like to be released on beatport/junodownload/itunes. I know my music isnt that great but i am a very progressive musician.
    Email me back so we can talk more about the idea, or if your not interested let me know as well. And if you were wondering, YES, if you accept your Label logo/name will be put on the vinyls/tapes and CDs.
    Here is a link to my teaser track on chipmusic:
    Here is the link to my kickstarter page: (PS i have the kickstarter approved but havent set it up yet)

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